PLAYLAB 3: AudioGames, an ARSGAMES innovation project, coordinated by Eurídice Cabañes, Luca Carrubba and Carlos Padial, has been one of the selected projects in the call stress test by Espacio Trapezio.

PlayLab3: AudioGames proposes a laboratory of experimentation and creation of a different relationship to space, in which the view is irrelevant and the sound and the ability to listen are the only way to extract information about the game space.
We propose a collaborative creation workshop and open call for participation, for the design and production of games based on user interaction in a soundscape.
The first part of the workshop would be to develop AudioGames, a new platform for game audio completely different to those existing at present. We generate a new interface, intangible and invisible that can be used to built an interactive games.
The second part of the workshop will consist of an open call for projects. The ultimate goal of this development is to convert the installation into a production environment, open and free, of sound games that can integrate blind people among its users.

On April 13 the Work In area of Espacio Trapezio is hosting a public meeting for presenting projects and activities which address, among other issues, needs and scheduling of all selected projects and activities.

Exceptionally (as AudioGames will be at Espacio Trapecio during  IN-SONORA festival from 11 to 23 April) it has been decided between all actors involved, to match this time with the first phase of PlayLab 3: AudioGames, which we will develop and optimize the platform. 

We were waiting for the time being of the public meeting for presenting projects to establish the time when will take place the second phase of PLAYLAB3: AudioGamesin which will be held the open call for projects.

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