On Sunday 17th of June at 22:00, the documentary “Ciborgs… muy humanos” was broadcast on “La 2” of TVE (public Spanish television) . A documentary which has been written by Marisol Soto Romero and edited by Manuel Munoz Monterde and entirely produced by TVE. As its title suggests, it is about cyborgs, understood not as a product of science fiction, but as people who use electronic devices connected to their body.

Audiogames is present in this film from minute 41. We see Audiogames’s first version during Neil Harbisson’s visit to  Espacio Trapezio at the festival In-sonora.

This documentary shows us human cyborgs like Jordi Rossel, a deaf person who can hear sounds through a cochlear implant, or like Neil Harbisson, who was born with achromatopsia and he can now perceive colors thanks to a device, an electronic eye, that translates colours into sounds.

This documentary also shows the opinions of several experts in the field, for example Dr. Marisa Cabrera, whose research focuses on the bionic prosthesis in children, or Jose Maria Delgado, a Neuroscientist specializing in learning and memory whose team has found a way to selectively erase memory in rats.

A very interesting documentary which is an honor to be part of it.