ARSGAMES will be attending the FROG 2011 Conference, Future and Reality of Gaming 5th Vienna Games Conference, where Eurídice Cabañes will present the AudioGames project.

Below you can find an extract from the submitted abstract:

Abstract: We build, in PlayLab the first prototype of an interactive sound installation that, as a game, allows users to experience and try to cope with this world exclusively through the sense of hearing. The main idea of this installation is to work outside the omnipresent framework of our vision-oriented culture, and try to experiment with sound. This allows us to experiment with an intangible and invisible interface, in a different environment than that we are accustomed to.
We consider important to experiment with technological interfaces that go beyond classical, sight oriented ones, not just in order to include blind people as users, but to allow other users to have new experiences and develop their perception of sound as well as the vision-sound synaesthesia.
We find it an interesting field of experimentation that can lead to a new relationship with space and technology.
Keywords: Audiogames, synesthesia, technology, interface, sound.

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