From 11th and 22nd of April, Espacio Trapezio exhibited the interactive sound installation AudioGames, a project of technological innovation and sound experimentation.

From 11th and 22nd of April, inside the IN-SONORA festival activities, Espacio Trapézio exhibited AudioGames, a technological innovation project of the cultural association ARSGAMES coordinated byEurídice Cabañes, Luca Carrubba and Carlos Padial.

During the days of the installation, there were three public-passes between 11.00 and 20.00 hours on 11, 16 and 21. The remaining days, coordinators remained in the installation to implement improvements to the platform and met the interested persons who came to visit the installation.

Also in the afternoon of 16, during the public pass the installation had the presence of Neil Harbisson, British-Catalan visual artist provided with an electronic eye that translates colors to sounds, the first cyborg the world recognized by a government. Harbisson interaction with the installation of Audiogames will be part of a documentary TV program of TVE Documents which aims to show the close relationship between our brain and the electronic devices that we invented.


AudioGames was selected from a total of 367 projects from 22 different countries to be presented at the VII edicion of In-Sonora that takes place in Madrid between March and April.